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Enjoy choice wines from our wine list in your own home. We stock the perfect wine for every occasion.

We would be pleased to advise and help you find the right wine. As far as we are concerned, quality stands at the forefront for all wines.

As general importer for the Bellenda and Vignamaggio companies, we make it possible for you to benefit from unique offers as well as favourable terms.

The Bellenda winery specialises in Prosecco and stands out with its uniquely high quality products. Bellenda's manufacturing process spares no effort in creating a product of the very highest quality.

We have a very special relationship with Vignamaggio; this has been a partnership lasting many years that has recently brought us ever closer together. The home of this winemaker is in Tuscany, where they produce all our house wines as well as many other first class products. Quality and a fair price/performance ratio are our most important considerations, which we take as a given.

We would be delighted to share this passion of ours with you.

Franz Ferlin, Geschäftsführer - Casa Ferlin Wine Shop

Franz Ferlin


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In the old days, winemakers would deliver the goods to their customers in carts laden down with several thousand "fiaschi".

In the cellar at the "Chiantiquelle", the "fiaschi" typical of that period waited for the guests stored upright and in pyramid formation, circa 1925.

Since the 1990s, the house wine at Casa Ferlin has come from this winery: Villa Vignamaggio in the Chianti region.

Organised, labelled and properly sorted: the cellar at Casa Ferlin today.