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This over-600-year-old winery is over 600 years old, offering first-class rooms and apartments for wine lovers, while its delightful gardens and idyllic landscape also provide the perfect setting for relaxation. The home-made products offered by Restaurant Monna Lisa are worth tasting and savouring too.

Halfway between Florence and Siena, this estate extends over 200 hectares into the Chianti Classico hills. From the Villa Vignamaggio, the visitor can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over the forests, landscapes, vineyards and hamlets of the surrounding hills. At the centre of the courtyard stands the magnificent Renaissance villa, surrounded by enchanting gardens in the Italian style, filling the spaces between the cypresses, vines and olive trees. On all sides, woodland is interspersed with fields that have been tended by the farmhands of these lands for hundreds of years. A few old farmhouses made of stone range along the edge of the woods - once upon a time, these would have been the homes of the tenant farmers. Wine has been produced on this farm, a large part of which has been openly accessible to the public since 1987.

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